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WONO announces sponsorship of US China Blockchain Conference

WONO is excited to announce Coin Sponsorship for the 2018 US China Blockchain & Digital Currency Conference. Alexander Esaulov, CEO & Founder, alongside COO Andrey Chepelev is happy to present about WONO at the upcoming conference in Los Angeles on August 22nd. Mr. Alexander Esaulov came up with the idea of WONO on a flight from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg when he realized he was tired of being charged by all the services he uses during his business trips. He is an entrepreneur and a marketing expert. Alexander has founded and successfully sold various start-ups: Greeder (a products market place with a bargaining option), Alex Games (fitness reality show), Burn to Earn (fitness reality show in the United States), SPb Fighters (MMA reality show).

About WONO

WONO is a reliable decentralized peer-to-peer platform for exchanging property and services. WONO offers the environment for hire and rental tangible and invisible assets, as well as ordering and performing services based on Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The project’s aim is to arrange ideal conditions for a convenient exchange between users with minimal transaction costs, regardless of location. WONO is a bridge between the cryptocurrency community and the real world. It allows consumers to use cryptocurrencies for physical asset rentals and the hiring of freelancers.

WONO isn’t just a blockchain-based Craigslist or Airbnb. It’s a new paradigm of economic P2P interaction based on decentralization, transparency, mutual trust, reputation, and collective decision-making by members of the community. The WONO platform is designed for several traditional sharing economy segments and freelancers. All tokens users earn by renting out assets or performing jobs can be spent on the platform without any limitations.

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