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Meet Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc.

Meet Mr. Brian Su, the organizer of 2018 US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference in Los Angeles on August 22.  Register your seat today at http://www.BlockchainChinaConnect.com

Mr. Brian Su has extensive experience in international business, business development, marketing management, strategic planning and government affairs. Prior to founding Artisan Business Group, Mr. Su served Illinois Governor Jim Edgar and was employed with the Bureau of Small Business Enterprises of the Illinois Department of Transportation for nearly 16 years. Mr. Su is a recipient of the US China Outstanding Contribution Award from the US China Business Association in 2012. In 2017, Mr. Su established “Blockchain China Connect” to encourage and promote professional exchanges and investments in the blockchain industry. He serves as member of Board of Advisors for a number of blockchain projects in China, US, Singapore and Singapore. He also spends time on Crypto China Blog, an online China focused blockchain and cryptocurrency blog. Mr. Su is also a shareholder of High Trend International, a company specializing in providing IoT and smart city technology solutions to urban projects in Latin America. He is also a co-owner of Changjiang International Family Office in Beijing China.

In the meantime, Mr. Su serves as Managing Director of Yingke Chicago China Center and Chairman of Yingke Caribbean China Center, a business platform between the U.S. and China. Yingke is Asia’s largest law firm headquartered in Beijing China, with 48 offices in China and over 50 offices worldwide. Mr. Su is an international partner of Yingke Law Firm.

Mr. Su has a MPA degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield in the U.S. His extensive network of government and business connections, together with the amalgam of his Chinese background, U.S. education and multinational work experience, leave him well placed to bridge the business knowledge gap between the two cultures. Mr. Su can give his clients a unique inside view of what is happening in China found nowhere else. Mr. Su is also a public speaker, speaking on a wide range of China/Asia-related business and culture topics.  Mr. Su has facilitated many business and trade missions to China, and assisted Chinese trade missions and government delegations to the U.S. He has won the trust and appreciation from clients both in China and the U.S.  Mr. Su has been interviewed by Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg/Newsroom, Bloomberg Business News, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Reuters, Los Angeles Business Journal, Newsweek, Commercial Real Estate Direct, NHK (Japan), The Daily (U.K.), China Daily, China Press, South China Morning Post, etc.

Artisan Business Group, Inc., a Springfield Illinois based cross-border business and investment services consulting firm, specializes in working with financial and investment companies including real estate developers, banks, wealth management firms, private equity firms, family offices, insurance companies, government agencies and others to achieve their business and marketing goals and deliver real results through strategic collaborations, effective communication and risk management, and efficient facilitation.  The Artisan Business Group team has facilitated the alternative financing for over one billion dollars in various projects in the U.S., China, Latin America and the Caribbean region.

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contact: info@BlockchainChinaConnect.com

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